Teacher Announcing Retirement Gets Surprise Concert Played by Past Music Students (VIDEO)

When Denise Searfos announced her impending retirement at the eighth-grade orchestra’s final performance, she had been teaching orchestra at Abington Heights Middle School for 34 years.

She had no idea what had been planned for her when she made the announcement, though. Students from decades ago reunited for one last surprise when word of her news spread.

One of Denise’s old pupils was standing in the entryway as the back door to the auditorium opened wide at the conclusion of the performance. She allegedly inspired him to become a music instructor, which he presently holds.

Although Denise couldn’t believe it was him, the shock had only just begun. He led the audience behind him as he led her to the cafeteria. Everyone was shocked by what awaited them when they entered the cafeteria. There was a complete orchestra of musicians that Denise had taught inside, both current performers and returning graduates.

They started a concert specifically for their teacher while all wearing formal clothing.

They had been quietly preparing for the concert for weeks while the other performance was going on. Yet they had never all played together before till this.

Watch the astounding video below, then tell your friends and family about this touching tale.