Good Samaritan Couple Reunites Frantic Father With Diaper Bag Containing Passports and $5,000 in Cash

A young Californian couple was stunned to find a lost diaper bag filled with cash and important documents – but instead of keeping the money for themselves or just giving the bag to city officials, they insisted on tracking down the frantic owner immediately.

The bag belonged to a Vietnamese man who had spent the evening looking at Christmas lights with his wife and baby daughter in Long Beach, California. He originally set the bag down on the sidewalk so they could take a picture together in front of a holiday display – but after they snapped the photo, he forgot to pick it back up again.

Later the same evening, 24-year-old Gabriel Ruiz and his girlfriend Gabriela Jauregui had just finished taking a picture in front of the very same display when they turned around and saw the bag on the sidewalk.

They spent some time watching over the bag in hopes that someone would come to claim it, but when no one showed up, they went through the contents to try and discern the owner’s identity.

Inside the bag, they found the family’s passports, but the names were written in Vietnamese. The couple then opened up one of the wallets only to find $5,000 in cash.

Even the thought of having that much money made Jauregui and Ruiz determined to track down the owners—so they brought the bag back to their apartment and stayed up all night trying to find some way to contact the family.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese father, who asked not to be identified, realized his mistake and went back to search for the bag. He returned to the holiday display and spent hours searching the neighborhood and hanging posters, but to no avail.

“I thought how can I get back to my country?” the man recalled to CBSLA. “How can I pay my tuition? My rent? I already have a baby.”

The next morning, Jauregui and Ruiz found a small compartment inside of the bag that contained the anxious man’s contact details. Upon calling the number and having him describe the bag, they happily reunited the bag with the family.

Needless to say, the father was overwhelmed with gratitude and relief.

“All I can say is thank you, thank you,” the man told the couple. “You just saved my life.”

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