Timeless laughter with Joan Rivers and Carol Burnett

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ Season 8, Episode 14 featured guest comedian Joan Rivers and a performance of songs from ‘Brooklyn the Musical.’ It starts with Carol and Vicki Lawrence on screen in white, yellow, and black plaid sweater vests and yellow berets.

They begin to sing the song about Brooklyn, and they have background dancers come in to perform fantastic visual effects. The dancers are dressed similarly to Carol and Vicki.

They whirl and jump over each other while accompanying the duo on the background vocals. Carol and Vicki sing about how all famous people were born in Brooklyn. They shout a few names, like Mickey Spillane and Jackie Gleason.

In the end, Carol yells, “And here tonight, my favorite Brooklyn-ite, Joan Rivers!” Joan walks out and tells Carol there’s been a mistake because she’s actually from Britain. Joan’s accent clearly tells the audience she is from Brooklyn.

Joan talks about leaving Brooklyn as an “Ugly, flat-chested little girl, and here I am. Viola! An ugly flat-chested little woman.” She says she is not flat-chested tonight because she bought a brazier. Joan takes off her coat and says,” Viola!” She states it’s all rubber, so it is good when she falls because she can bounce right back up.

She advises flat-chested women, saying, “This is called the Push-up, shove over bra.” She says it just takes all the excess skin from your stomach and pushes it up into your breast area, and the crowd laughs.

Joan says her wedding night was a disaster. Her husband said, “Let me help you with the buttons,” Joan replied in disgust, “I’m naked!” Joan has the audience in hysterics for her entire routine.