Tim Conway’s Witty Interview Generates Unstoppable Laughter

Fans of the classic late-night talk show, The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, were treated to a hilarious skit on the episode that aired on March 17, 1987. The episode featured Tim Conway, a regular guest on the show, who performed his now-famous Dunk Dorf skit. The skit showcased Conway’s comedic genius as he played a dwarf playing basketball.

Before the skit, Carson and his co-host, Ed McMahon, discussed basketball and how it’s a game typically designed for tall people. However, Carson mentioned exceptions like Spud Webb and the skit’s character, Dunk Dorf. Conway’s performance as Dunk Dorf was impressive as he explained how he slams the ball with the help of a small box (which the crew cleverly made look like he was jumping from the box to the rim).

Conway’s comedic talent was further showcased during his interview with Carson after the skit. He shared how he gets into the character, including digging holes on a golf course for the Dorf on Golf skit. The conversation also included their mutual friend and colleague, Harvey Korman. Conway could make Korman laugh hysterically on multiple occasions.

During the interview, Conway shared a hilarious story of him and Korman flying on an EconoLine flight from Los Angeles to New York for only $3. The flight was so cheap that all they received was a boarding pass and a chair to sit in.

During his interview with Carson, Conway shared a humorous observation about airline safety instructions. He points out that flight attendants instruct passengers to breathe normally when wearing an oxygen mask in case of a decrease in cabin pressure.

Conway then jokes and tells Carson, “Can you imagine the plane going down & you have your oxygen masks on. Well, we’re dropping 10,000 feet a second.” Carson laughs and says, “Now you have to breathe normally.” Then, Conway took it up a notch and joked again, “Now we’re about to hit a mountain soon!” The audience, including Carson, couldn’t help but burst out laughing at Conway’s witty remark.

The conversation between the two legends touched on Conway’s family history, including his father’s Irish and mother’s Romanian heritage. He also shared his experience of growing up as a single child. Conway’s ability to find humor in everyday situations and his storytelling skills were evident in the interview, which made the audience love him even more.