NFL star goes to daddy-daughter dance with little girl who suddenly lost her dad

I was so anxious and excited for her because she just had the worst year,” her mom said. “For someone to show up and teach her that people do show up for you, it’s been beyond a blessing.”

Children fear losing parents. In 2021, Texas 11-year-old Audry Soape faced a difficult challenge.

Audrey’s father died suddenly. Her grandfather died five weeks later.

The middle schooler received lots of bad news last year. No grieving family wants reminders of their loved ones.

Audrey had no father or grandfather to take her to the daddy-daughter dance at her school.
Holly Soape, the young student’s mother, wanted her to enjoy the dance and not feel lonely. Holly devised a way to cheer up her daughter.

She asked Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris on social media to take her daughter to the daddy-daughter dance at their school. NFL player is Audrey’s favorite.

Holly was surprised when the NFL star responded positively!

Anthony Harris agreed to be Audrey’s dance date. Anthony arrived in his black suit and shoes on dance day. He fit the role!

Young Audrey has no idea who will make her night special. Her favorite NFL player surprised her at the dance.

Anthony initially seemed too busy for the dance. Eventually, he fulfilled his promise.
Holly said, “I told him about the situation, and surprisingly he was more than willing.” “It happened fast. He said yes about a week earlier, so it was a whirlwind.”

The NFL player attended the dance and more.
He bought his young fan’s dress, hair, makeup, and shoes. He made Audrey remember this night as special, not sad.

Holly said, “He had a car with a driver come to the house and pick her up. “He wanted her to have the best time.”

Audrey felt great that night. She was excited to attend a dance with her favorite NFL player.

Anthony’s dance attendance is greatly appreciated.
“A normal player would say ‘I don’t have time for this. “I have to focus for next season or the playoffs,” Audrey said. But he took me, so that was special.”+

We understand Audrey’s nervousness around her favorite NFL player. She idolizes him.

She remembered being nervous because she didn’t know what to say. Since we hadn’t spoken yet, it was awkward. However, he approached me and began talking.

Holly is glad her nearly impossible plan worked and cheered her daughter.

“She had the worst year,” she said. “For someone to show up and teach her that people do show up for you, it’s been beyond a blessing.”

Anthony, however, enjoys making his young fan smile.

“Enjoy these moments. “You never know how long we have on this Earth,” he told CBS Philly. “Support your loved ones.”