Kelly Clarkson admits she finds ‘nothing wrong’ with spanking her kids as a form of parental discipline

In the world of pop music, few names resonate as widely as that of Kelly Clarkson.

From her humble beginnings on “American Idol” in 2002 to her multi-platinum albums and notable hits like “Since U Been Gone” and “Because of You,” Clarkson has secured her place as one of America’s most adored pop stars.

Beyond her singing prowess, Clarkson’s charm, wit, and down-to-earth personality have been showcased on television screens worldwide, through her roles as a judge on “The Voice” and as the host of her own talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Despite her glowing career, Clarkson’s personal life, like many other celebrities, has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. Most notably, her tumultuous divorce from Brandon Blackstock and the ensuing custody battle over their two children, River and Remington.

Clarkson’s decision to share her journey through the divorce and her experience as a solo parent has touched many of her fans.

In an interview with Variety in 2022, Clarkson candidly discussed how the divorce and its repercussions changed her perspective on parenting and work.

The mother-of-two confessed that she felt a sense of shame when sharing the emotional strain of the divorce with her children but believed it essential for them to understand and empathize with the complex range of human emotions. This honesty and willingness to be vulnerable are cornerstones of her parenting style.

Despite the pressures of the entertainment industry and the “mom guilt” that often accompanies working mothers, Clarkson has managed to strike a balance between her career and parental responsibilities. She credits her “great team” at NBC, the unity within her workplace, and the network of parents and women in similar positions as crucial to this balancing act.

Clarkson’s parenting techniques have stirred controversy in the past, particularly her admission of using corporal punishment as a form of discipline.

In an interview with in 2018, she stated that she wasn’t “above a spanking” and defended her stance by citing her own upbringing in the South, where spanking is more accepted.

This position contrasts sharply with the general consensus among many child development experts, who argue against corporal punishment.

The American Association of Pediatrics does not endorse spanking as a disciplinary measure, and a study by Tulane University indicated that spanking could lead to increased aggressive behavior in children in the long run.

Nevertheless, Clarkson stands by her methods, arguing that mild spanking as a form of discipline is effective. She acknowledged the societal scrutiny associated with this practice, particularly in public settings, but maintained that it has positively impacted her children’s behavior.

In an interview with People TV, she suggested that spanking was a form of communication, a method to teach young children the difference between right and wrong.

The question of whether or not spanking should be considered acceptable as a disciplinary measure is a complex and emotionally charged issue, with valid arguments on both sides.

Clarkson’s openness about her approach to parenting, including her use of corporal punishment, has stirred up debates but has also provided an opportunity for dialogue about different parenting methods, cultural practices, and societal norms.

Kelly Clarkson’s personal and professional life showcases the multi-faceted challenges and triumphs of being a working mother in the spotlight. Her journey continues to inspire many, her music resonates with a broad audience, and her authenticity, both as an artist and a mother, contributes to her enduring appeal.

Despite the controversies and trials she has faced, Clarkson remains a figure of resilience and strength, navigating her unique path through fame, motherhood, and personal growth.