Is Clint Eastwood Missing? Recent Photo Shines Light on Actor’s Health

Reports are claiming Clint Eastwood hasn’t been seen in 408 days, sparking fears about the health of the 92-year-old actor. A look at his daughter’s Instagram page, however, should quell fan fears for now.

Eastwood was last seen at a public event in November 2022, but there have been no recent sightings of him in public. An unnamed source in the celebrity news claimed that this absence has “a lot of people in Hollywood worried about him.” Some reports even suggested he may have osteoporosis, although there is no public evidence to support this claim.

The legendary actor and filmmaker has been prolific in the entertainment industry for decades, but he’s seemingly slowed down in recent times after not releasing a new movie for almost two years.

Radar Online has claimed the actor hasn’t been seen in public in over a year since February 6, 2022. While he’s not appeared at public events, photographs of Eastwood looking happy and well with his family have been posted online as recently as November 28, 2022.

An unnamed source for the celebrity news website suggested that his prolonged absence from the limelight has “a lot of people in Hollywood worried about him.” The site also used quotes from an unnamed doctor who hasn’t treated the actor, suggesting that he’s showing signs of having “weak bones or significant osteoporosis because of the deep curve in his upper back.”