Dennis Hopper reveals Sean Penn’s photo story on Carson Show

Dennis Hopper joined Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show on August 15, 1991. Recently, the video clip of this interview has become a popular topic among online followers interested to know more about the Hollywood icon.

As Hopper sits down for the candid interview with Johnny Carson, the legendary host greets him with a warm smile. Carson instantly starts complimenting Hopper on his impressive acting skills. Carson mentions that he recently watched his film, “Doublecrossed,” which was based on the true story of an informant named Barry Seal, and loved his acting.

The conversation then turns to Hopper’s role in “Paris Trout,” a 1991 drama film made for television, which even earned the actor an Emmy nomination. When Carson asks Hopper if he likes offbeat movies, he laughs, & says, “I just get them.” The two also discuss the actor’s role as a psycho in “Blue Velvet” and how Hopper enjoyed playing such a complex character.

The duo also discusses the ups and downs of Hopper’s career, and the actor shares how he is impressed by Carson Lew Wasserman’s 50th-anniversary speech at MCA. When Carson asks about his background in acting, Hopper explains how he is fortunate enough to start at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego and how he met Warner Brothers and James Dean.

During the interview, Hopper shares a humorous incident involving Sean Penn and a magazine article. Julian Schnabel, who needed a photo of Penn for a magazine article, was refused by Penn when he asked for it. As a solution, Schnabel approached Hopper, who had directed Penn in a movie before, to get the picture for him. Hopper agreed, and when he approached Penn for the click, Penn was willing to do it and even said to Hopper, “You’re the one guy that I’ll let take my picture.”

Hopper and Carson’s interaction on “The Tonight Show” leave the viewer wanting more. Carson’s opening line, “Everybody thought you’d just burn out and fade away, but here you are!” speaks volumes about Hopper’s career and the fact that he had managed to survive in the challenging world of Hollywood.

It is a rare opportunity to find two legends talking to one another. Carson’s gracious hosting and Hopper’s candid and humorous anecdotes make for a fascinating conversation that provides a glimpse into the life of a Hollywood icon.