Carol Burnett’s hilarious struggle to escape her overbearing chaperone (VIDEO)

In Season 5, Episode 4 of ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ Carol and Vicki walk into a cruise ship hotel room. They look around in shock, excited to be on the cruise. They giggle and snort like high school girls.

The bellhop that escorts them to the room says they have a roommate named Mr. Lovewell. The bellhop leaves, and the other door opens to the adjoining room. Lyle Waggoner appears and introduces himself, saying, “Hi! Lonnie Lovewell here.” Then, Lonnie sees Vicki and thinks she’s beautiful, but realizes he’s rooming with Carol and gets mad. They agree to be on the honor system even if their chaperone isn’t in the room. Carol giggles and says they need to seal it with a kiss.

Lonnie pulls away, and the chaperone, played by Jim Nabors, walks in. The chaperone says they will have fun, and Carol and Lonnie look unamused. Chaperone Jim says one of them will have to double up, and Carol offers to double up, but she means with Lonnie. The chaperone thanks her because he thinks she’s doubling up with him.

In the end, Lonnie and Jim Nabors share a room. Carol goes into a room, changes quickly, and says goodnight to Lonnie. Then, she runs back out in a short nightgown, and Lonnie says she looks amazing.

They wonder if Jim is asleep because Carol says she’s had a busy day, but it’s not over yet. Then, they kiss, but the chaperone snaps a flash picture of them through the hotel window.

The chaperone says Carol isn’t allowed to wear a short nightgown. Lonnie removes his jacket and offers it to her, and Carol sees his bare chest and almost faints. Carol tries to give the chaperone sleeping pills to get away from them.

She gives him the drink, thinking she gave him the right one, but she gives Lonnie the sleeping pills, and he passes out on the couch. The chaperone says he guesses it’s just the two of them for the rest of the night!